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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yoga Styling: Chanel vs Manuka Life

Chanel. Now I don't know about you, but that's not the first thing that I think of when I think yoga clothing. But Karl Lagerfeld obviously has other ideas. The latest Chanel ad campaign features Joan Smalls and Saskia de Brauw taking part in a variety of activities, from yoga to gymnastics. All whilst clad in this season's finest Chanel. As you do.

If Chanel is a non non, and you don't fancy doing the Downward Dog in your Dolce, or the Warrior in your Westwood, then you might want to check out 'Manuka Life'. I came across the brand when I was looking for some clothing to wear to the brilliant 'Yoga Fever' hot yoga classes that I have signed up to. My usual gym attire just wasn't suitable, so I decided to call on the power of Google to source some. 'Manuka Life' has a great range of clothing which is perfect for wearing to yoga class or just to relax at home. The clothing is made from sustainable yarns and fabrics, which reduces the demand on natural resources. 

Living Tee - £14.40

Living Pedal Pants - £14.40

Bamboo Serenity Cover Up - £15.20

I was really impressed with the items that I ordered (the Pedal Pants; the Living Tee and the Bamboo Serenity Cover-up). The pieces are soft enough to allow plenty of movement, but the cut and fit on the pieces is such that I'm not worried that I'm going to be exposing myself to the rest of the class! They also roll up easily, so that I can put them in my new LILIFI shopper, which means I don't have to cart my big gym bag around with me.

And what is even better, is that 'Manuka Life' have currently got a 60% off sale. So if you are looking for some new fitness kit, or just some comfortable pieces for lounging, then check out 'Manuka Life'.


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