Friday, 14 June 2013

Winner of the Innocent Inspires tickets

And the winner is....

Thanks to the random number generator, the winner of a pair of tickets to the 'Innocent Inspires' event, and also a month's supply of smoothies is Louise Trillwood.

Although the winner wasn't selected based on their inspirations, it was great to see a variety of inspiring individuals listed, eg. Luella Bartley, Jenna Lyons and Lily Cole.

Here is who Louise described as her inspirations:

"Something that inspires me are business women who are successful in their own right, support gender equality in the workplace but also lend their talents to making a positive change in the world eg. Martha Lane Fox and Sheryl Sandberg,  and so many more…"


  1. Who doesn't love a fruity smoothy in summer....



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