Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Red Lippy Project

I need no excuse to wear a fabulous red lippy, but if one was needed, then I can think of no better inspiration than 'The Red Lippy Project'. Starting tomorrow (Sunday 9th June), 'The Red Lippy Project' is teaming up with 'The Eve Appeal' to raise awareness of cervical cancer screening. The project aims to make talking about the cervical screening test less taboo:

"The campaign is celebrating femininity and the importance of looking after ourselves and each other. The initial idea was to create a platform that talked openly about the importance of cervical screenings and cervical cancer with a fun, bold, visual language that women and especially younger women can relate to."

I will be showing my support for this project by wearing my favourite shades of red throughout the week, which I will be sharing on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are a red lips kind of lady, then don't forget to share your photos with @redlippyproject and #theredlippyproject Even if red lips are not your makeup look of choice, you can still support the cause and its vital research by texting TRLP80 £10 to 70070. 

I have also changed the blog's cover photo on Facebook to show my support for the cause. You can find it here if you would like to do the same!



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