Monday, 11 March 2013

WOW 2013 : Fashion, Beauty and Style discussion

On Saturday, I attended the second day of the 2013 WOW (Women of the World) Festival at the Southbank Centre, with a group from Cardiff University, where I work. The #WOWWales group was made up of 30 competition winners, who had all submitted entries relating to their experiences of living in a digital world. It was really interesting to see the creative approaches that the competition entrants had taken to tackle this subject: poetry; graphic design; film scripts, and more. You can find out more about the #WOWWales experience here and here.

There were a lot of fascinating sessions running at WOW, but as a fashion blogger, one of the sessions which I was really interested in attending, was the 'Fashion, Beauty and Style' panel discussion. The panel was comprised of The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman, Natasha Pearlman, deputy editor of Elle magazine and ethical fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali. Topics discussed included sustainable fashion; the contribution of fashion to the economy; the power of women within the fashion industry, and attitudes towards older women in the fashion industry. It was a fascinating discussion, with some great contributions from the audience.

Although my iphone and its rubbish battery life failed me yet again, thanks to the lovely Amy, who lent me her ipad, I was able to capture some of the event in a series of tweets. Here is my Storify of the event.



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