Saturday, 22 September 2012

Guest post: A Perfect Red - Chanel Gabrielle

Georgia from 'Georgia on My Mind' blog was one of the first beauty bloggers that I followed, therefore I was thrilled when she agreed to write a guest post for my blog. As well as writing a brilliant post, she has now inspired serious lipstick lust, thanks to her post *adds item to shopping list* Read on to find out the new object of my makeup desire!


I firmly believe that every woman needs to own at least one great red lipstick. I also firmly believe every woman should own a piece of 'Chanel'. Let me show you how to kill two proverbial birds with one stone. Meet 'Chanel' Rouge Coco in shade 'Gabrielle'

It is a truth universally acknowledged that 'Chanel' do reds very well. Generally if I'm looking for a great red, I look to 'Chanel' first. Whilst I own more than I care to admit, this is one I use most often. Something about 'Gabrielle' calls to me more than the other reds on offer.

Bearing the name of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel herself this lipstick is the epitome of timelessness and a true classic. From the understated elegance of the black and gold case to the creamy, opaque coverage of the lipstick itself - 'Gabrielle' is a winner and one of the few lipsticks I constantly recommend to others. If you are looking for your perfect red - look no further.

If you only ever purchase and own one red lipstick..let it be 'Gabrielle'. A universally flattering shade - a 'true' red if you will. It does lean slightly more to being a blue based red, but contains enough orange to counteract the blue, making it flattering on cool or warm skin tones. It is the perfect red for making the teeth appear whiter and in my case my smile that bit brighter.

In the bullet, there are tiny flecks of glitter visible which did initially worry me- but on the lips this translates as a creamy shine with dimension- keeping the overall look classic with a modern twist. Rouge Coco's and especially 'Gabrielle' are incredibly comfortable on the lips - moisturising enough yet long lasting. 'Gabrielle' will last you through several cocktails before fading to a stain that in itself is wearable.

I like to imagine this is the exact shade of red Coco herself wore, complete with signature black ensemble and simple string of pearls. Elegant. Glamorous. Iconic.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Guest post: Is it possible to become your own style icon?

While you are reading this, I am on holiday in Italy. I had a fantastic time there last year and have been looking forward to going back ever since I came home last year! However I haven't forgotten about my blog. While I am away I have lined up some lovely ladies to write some guest posts. First up is my fellow member of the Cardiff Blogs team, Sian.


Having a style isn't easy. There are so many options to choose from as we are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful clothes for all pockets. We have programmes that help us decide what suits our shape, our colouring and even our age but we all buy the same things so how do we really develop our own style?

Customise! Accessorise!

I'm not a seamstress so making my own clothes is definitely out of the question but I like to embellish what I have and it's not expensive. Putting some clip-on earrings onto a pair of shoes, adding a bow to a plain t-shirt, or even something as simple as putting a kilt pin on the lapel of a jacket all help to make it your own.

I customised this by adding a clip-on earring

A top customised with a bow which was removed from a handbag

Kilt pin made by my Mum!

Accessorising your outfit can also make all the difference. The same black dress can be worn by a room full of women but different pieces of jewellery can make it look dramatically diverse! I'm very lucky in that my mother makes jewellery so I have a ready supply of accessories but having a custom piece made isn't pricey at all (depending on the materials you choose) and in my view is money well spent: you have a one-off piece that you helped design and that shows your style.

So I suppose what I'm trying to say is don't be afraid of finding something that you like and then quite easily turning it into something that you love. You'll end up with something unique and a style that is definitely you.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Shopcade: The new way to shop?

I don’t know about you, but two of my main activities online, are shopping and ‘Pinterest’. Therefore when I heard about a new online shopping platform which seems to combine both elements, I was really intrigued.

The website in question is called ‘Shopcade', and works by allowing you to curate products that you love, in your own ‘Shopcade’. You can add products from the brand pages on the website, or by adding products selected by other members of the site. So far, so Pinterest. But where does the shopping aspect come in I hear you ask? If a product is purchased via your ‘shopcade’, whether by you or someone else, then you earn a percentage in cashback. You can either spend the cashback on ‘Shopcade’, or have the money transferred into your bank account. You also earn reward points based on your activity on the site, e.g. when you add a product to your shopcade; when other members follow you. These points can be exchanged for different perks, e.g. discounts from retailers; competition entries.

I already use the ‘Quidco’ cashback site, and although the amounts earned aren’t massive, they all add up. However to me, ‘Shopcade’ makes the whole cashback experience more interesting and social. It is great discovering new products in people’s shopcades that I otherwise might not have come across.

If you are intrigued by this concept, then why not check out my shopcade. I am really interested to hear your thoughts on this. Have you signed up to it yet?  If not, will you be trying it out?

Fine Print: Sponsored content in partnership with Shopcade

Friday, 14 September 2012

Office Shoes: Sale Bargains

Given my love of a pair of high-heels, it is perhaps not surprising that one of my favourite shops during sale time, is 'Office'. I always manage to pick up some great bargains in their sale. However this week, 'Office' have definitely surpassed themselves with their sale offering. I managed to pick up these two pairs of shoes for a grand total of £10 (£5 each) - saving £110! They caught my eye  as soon as I walked in, as I love the colours. And I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the price! The colours are very on trend for this season, which makes them even more of a bargain in my eyes.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Clarks Leopard Print Slippers

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then I am sure you will have realised by now that I have a slight obsession with animal prints, and particularly those of the leopard variety. Therefore I wasn't surprised when a pair of leopard print shoes jumped out at me when I was flicking through the pages of last month's 'Red' magazine. But what was surprising was that it wasn't a pair of leopard print heels, but a pair of leopard print slippers. Loafer style slippers are everywhere this season, but I was yet to purchase a pair as I didn't really think that they were my kind of thing. Until now that is.

In addition to my shock that I was actually coveting a pair of flats, I was also shocked to discover that they were from 'Clarks'. For me, 'Clarks' will forever be associated with trips to be fitted for new shoes when I was in Primary school. And as such, I haven't purchased a pair of shoes there since 1990!

I know that I am going to get a lot of wear out of these, as they are equally appropriate for a casual or a smart look. In addition to being a  great way to introduce a bit of print to an outfit, they are also really comfortable. From bitter experience I know that fashion and comfort do not always go hand in hand. So when the two come together, it is a wonderful thing!

These retail for just £39.99, but until 11th September you can save 20%, by using the code 'BEWNEW12' at the checkout. These have definitely put 'Clarks' back on my radar as a place to look for footwear, so I hope that they manage to keep up the good (and very stylish!) work!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Somerset by Temperley for John Lewis

This morning, saw the arrival instore of the much-anticipated 'Somerset by Temperley' collection for John Lewis. I was really looking forward to this launch, as I love Alice Temperley's mainline collections. The designer has created a 60-piece collection for John Lewis, from purses to cashmere capes. As well as being beautiful, with its Victoriana and heritage details, I think that this collection is also practical. In addition to the beautiful evening dresses, there are also really versatile pieces that could be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe, e.g. the silk blouses and the sequin jumper. Some items in the collection are already sold out online, so if you love the look of this collection, you better be quick!

Here are some of my favourite pieces that I snapped instore at John Lewis Cardiff this morning.

Lace dress - £249

Spot Mesh Tunic - £89

Jersey dress - £99

Sequin Jumper - £69

Will you be buying anything from this collection? I would love to know your favourite pieces.


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