Monday, 27 August 2012

Exhibition Alert! Tim Walker: Story Teller

Another day, and another exhibition is announced that will be a must-see for me! Somerset House have announced that they will be holding an exhibition of fashion photographer, Tim Walker's work: 'Tim Walker: Story Teller'. In addition to the photographs there will also be installations and a selection of the extraordinary props and models on show, e.g. giant grotesque dolls for Italian Vogue and an almost life-size replica of a Spitfire fighter plane.

I love Tim Walker's photographs. They are alway extravagant and original, and are characterised by a sense of humour and vibrancy, combined with fairy-tale elements. I have a poster of his 'Dress Lamp Tree' image in my bedroom, and his work is always the first thing to jump out of me when I look back through my past copies of 'Vogue' (I was recently given a 4 year archive of the magazine, from 2006-2010).

Somerset House will also be hosting a series of events including a 'In Conversation With' session with the photographer himself, and workshops with some of the set designers and prop builders. Further details will be announced in early September. I can't wait!

Here are some of my favourite Tim Walker images:




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