Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Worn by you, loved by us

'Tenovus', a Welsh cancer charity has just launched its new donation campaign, "Worn by you, loved by us". The campaign - which is running from this week until June 1 - is encouraging people to donate their unwanted clothing to the charity. You might no longer be feeling the love for some of the items in your closet, but 'Tenovus' would love to give them a good home in one of their shops.
Money raised from people's clothing donations helps to fund the charity's fantastic work, such as treating people closer to home on its Mobile Cancer Support Unit; bereavement counselling, and keeping the freephone cancer support line open 7 days a week. Every bag of clothing donated, makes an average of £20 for the charity (with an extra 25% from Gift Aid), so what more excuse do you need to have a closet clear out? The charity doesn't waste any of the clothing donated to its stores, so even if your item isn't sold instore, it won't go to waste as it will be recycled.

You can find 'Tenovus' charity shops on Albany Road, Whitchurch Road and Clifton Street in Cardiff; Holton Road,Barry; High Street, Cowbridge, and Windsor Road, Penarth.

If you haven't got an overflowing closet to clear out, then why not consider popping into your local 'Tenovus' shop to see if you can pick up a bargain for yourself. The charity recently organised a photoshoot with some of its staff modelling clothes that are on sale in the local charity shops right now. Here are some of my favourite outifts from the shoot:

Pink Skirt - £3.00 Tenovus Penarth
Bag - £3.00 Tenovus Cowbridge
Cream Leather Belt - £2.00 Tenovus Barry

Floral Playsuit - £7.50 Tenovus Albany Road
Red sunglasses - £2.00 Tenovus Albany Road
Cream Leather Belt - £2.00 Tenovus Barry

Dress - £9.00 Tenovus Albany Road
Cream Leather Belt - £2.00 Tenovus Barry



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