Sunday, 12 February 2012

Marshmallow Blends: Amaretto Sugar Scrub Cubes

Today's post is about the latest venture of the lovely (and gorgeous!) beauty blogger Nicoletta, from Nicoletta's Beauty Space. Nicoletta has been involved in the beauty world for a long time, from working in a salon, to blogging. And she has now taken this one step further, by setting up her own beauty brand: Marshmallow Blends, which offers a range of food-inspired beauty treats, from lemon sherbet body butter, to bakewell tart massage candles.

Nicoletta's blog was one of the first that I followed, so I was really pleased when I won a competition on her blog to win a product of my choice. Farrah over at Makeup It Girl had recommended the Amaretto Sugar Scrub Cubes, so I opted for those.

The cubes come packaged in a little tin wrapped with a ribbon. The brown sugar cubes smell lovely.

The cubes, which contain shea butter and almond oil, are really easy to use. You just squidge (is that a technical term?) them together with a bit of water, and they break down to create a scrub, which is just the right texture - not too soft as to be ineffective, and not too abrasive to irritate the skin. After using the cubes, my skin felt really smooth.

I think that these would make a great gift, and they are a bargain at £5.99.

If you want to check out Nicoletta's other products, then you can find them at



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