Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dermalogica facial at Liberty

I recently visited the new Dermalogica spa at Liberty in London. I was lucky enough to win the treatment via a RT giveaway on Twitter, way back in the Autumn. However, for various reasons I was unable to get up to London before Christmas, so had to wait until January to claim my prize. It was quite lucky that I did, as the longer wait meant that by the time I paid the lovely Dermalogica ladies a visit, Dermalogica had got its own permanent space in the Liberty treatment rooms.

My 'Face Map'

I got to Liberty slightly early, so had a wander around the store. I haven't been there for years, so couldn't wait to take a look at all the designer loveliness inside. What I love about the store, is that in addition to stocking major designer labels, it also stocks pieces from smaller designers. Liberty manages to stay true to its heritage and design roots, whilst still remaining fashion forward.

I managed to resist making any major purchases, and restricted myself to some quirky cards from the Stationery Hall, and a top by 'Whyred', which was in the Sale section for £38 (60% off).

Typically, the day before the event, I saw a few tweets by someone who had had a bad reaction to their Dermalogica facial, which made me slightly nervous, but then I reasoned that different people can react to the same range in very different ways.

My beauty therapist was called Jadine, and she made sure that she took the time to ascertain exactly what my skin needs were before starting the treatment. A key part of a Dermalogica facial is the 'Face Mapping' process, where the different areas of the face are analysed (see the diagram above). My 'face mapping' showed that despite having oily/combination skin, areas of my skin were still slightly dehydrated, and that I had areas with breakouts.

The Dermalogica Treatment Room

The treatment room was a really relaxing space, all decked out in white. However, it managed to avoid looking too clinical. I was so relaxed that I nearly fell asleep during my treatment. Although that might have had something to do with my very early start from Cardiff that morning!

My treatment involved thorough cleansing; exfoliation; the application of a face mask, moisturiser and treatment boosters. The facial also involved some extraction where needed, which ensured that my skin was looking its best. In the past I have had a few facials that seemed to involve applying lots of lovely lotions and potions to my face to give it that 'glow', but that perhaps weren't the most effective at really dealing with the needs of my skin.

After my treatment I was given samples of the products used on my skin so that I could try them for a few days to see if I liked them. I was going straight to meet with a friend afterwards, so Jadine applied Dermalogica's treatment foundation. I hadn't heard of the product before, but I really liked how it felt on my skin and the coverage it gave. She also gave me some samples of that to try.

I really enjoyed my treatment and definitely felt that my skin looked better. I forgot to take my camera up to London, so didn't get any good pictures of my skin to be able to show you the results. If I lived up in London then I would definitely consider booking another treatment there. 


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