Sunday, 22 January 2012

Style Crush: Taylor Tomasi Hill

Today's post is about one of my major style crushes: the uber-stylish Taylor Tomasi Hill. Taylor is the former Style & Accessories Director at Marie Claire USA, and is now the Artistic Director at Moda Operandi.

I can't remember where I first saw her picture (the image below), but I remember really loving her look - the combination of simple pieces in pale colours contrasting with the rich reds of her scarf. Not to mention her stunning red hair.

If I was able to channel an ounce of Taylor's style I would be a very happy woman. I have yet to see an outfit of hers that I didn't love. She succeeds in putting together pieces together to create a look that is stylish, but never 'too much'.

So, what do you think of Taylor's style? Who are your style crushes?

Randomly, after I had written this post, 'Equipment' put out a tweet asking who people's style icons were. As I was very much in a Taylor frame of mind, I tweeted them saying that I loved Taylor's look. Much to my amazement, she later tweeted me to thank me. If only I'd thought to ask her for some style tips!


  1. Wow I'm not familiar with her but love her look too!

    Nic x



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