Monday, 16 January 2012

Lou Lou Chats with Amina from Jewel Heritage

I am a big fan of jewellery as the perfect way to add something to an outift, and one brand who have been on my radar for a while is 'Jewel Heritage'. The pieces are really striking, and very detailed. Amina from 'Jewel Heritage' very kindly agreed to answer some questions about the brand and what inspires her.


Describe 'Jewel Heritage' in three words.

Individual. Macabre. Thoughtful.

Please tell us more about yourself.

I studied design in college and fell in love with it. Illustration is my ultimate love alongside jewellery. I’ve had no normal jewellery training but I have learnt so much about the process from just doing it. And here I am, doing what makes me happy. I also have a soft spot for Vincent Cassel, and I’ve recently taken up hot yoga and love it!
Is there a particular piece that typifies the 'Jewel Heritage' look?

TheHarbinger of Death. It’s our most successful and cherished piece of design. It also sums up our brand: dark, mythological and well executed. Or at least we aim for our brand to be!

What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Oh that’s difficult. That is like asking a parent who their favourite child is. The Eyeballin’ was my first piece so it has a special place in my heart, much like someone’s first born will! Eyeballin’ - Jewel Heritage’s first child!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The past, the present and the future.

What has been the highlight for you since starting up 'Jewel Heritage'?

Apart from the amazing customers from all around the world, from LA to Finland, it has to be appearing in print in The Evening Standard as a brand to watch at London Jewellery Week, alongside a hero of mine Alex Monroe. Also, appearing in Grazia’s fashion charts as a 2012 trend.

What advice would you give to people who are looking to start their own fashion business?
With the business side of things, it will all come with time. You can be given the best advice, tips and motivation on how to run your own business, in whatever sector, but the best thing you can do, is just start with whatever funding, materials etc you have to hand. Let life teach you all you need to know.
Looking back, is there anything that you would have done differently?
I never look back, only forward.
What’s next for 'Jewel Heritage'?

Bigger and better things we hope! A new website alongside a new collection in February. We have a huge giveaway planned on Facebook once we reach 1,000 fans. We are also venturing into bespoke pieces. Just to grow creatively and offer something new and exciting with every collection.
Where would you like to be in five years time?

Alive, healthy and doing what I love. To have 'Jewel Heritage' grow. My ultimate goal is for 'Jewel Heritage' to be stocked in Liberty. They have been on my hit list since the very start. Who knows, maybe even a little boutique of our own one day? Bricks and mortar.

What motivates you?

My desire to be really, really good and leave an impact, even if it is just on one person.

Top Tip

If you are looking to become a designer, be it in fashion, jewellery, illustration and so forth, be sure your driving force is your passion for the freedom of being creative and your love for design and not for the money side of it. Creativity first, then think about the business side of it. That’s the way I like to run 'Jewel Heritage'.


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