Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chanel 'Black Pearl'

I am eagerly waiting to pick up the new Chanel nail polish shades, which came out on Friday, but until I get my hands on them, I thought that I would post about one of my recently re-discovered Chanel favourites. I love my nail polishes, and I generally treat myself to one of the limited edition shades every season. It’s the closest that I will get to a Chanel 2.55 anytime soon!

Last week I watched a video on Lisa Eldridge’s website, in which she shows her ten favourite polishes. I own two of them, Chanel ‘Black Pearl’ and Ciate ‘Mistress’. I regularly wear ‘Mistress’, but realised that I hadn’t used ‘Black Pearl’ for a while. So I decided to give it an outing.

‘Black Pearl’ is from the S/S 2011 Collection, and is meant to look like Tahitian black pearls. I initially wasn’t 100% convinced about this when I saw it in the bottle, but decided to give it a go. But when I tried it I really liked it. Which is why I’m not sure why I haven’t worn it in a while! It is a green-black with a pearl lustre finish. I like wearing this, as it is very different to other polishes I own, but isn’t too ‘in your face’, so it is perfect to wear every day. This is definitely going back on my list of favourites.

Have you tried ‘Black Pearl’? What did you think of it? What other ‘Chanel’ polishes do you like?


  1. This looks gorgeous. I love Chanel polishes. My favourite has to be the classic Rouge Noir, but I also love the grey/beige shade they brought out last year, Cant remember the colour!
    May have to try this one too!
    kerry x



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