Friday, 30 December 2011

Visionaries: Inside The Creative Mind - Tom Ford

Style Forum Special from Music Guy on Vimeo.

I just wanted to share this great Tom Ford documentary with you. It was aired in the U.S.A. earlier this year, on the Oprah Winfrey Network, as part of a five documentary series which focused on creative artists from Tom Ford to James Cameron. The films take a look at how prominent figures in the art and design worlds create their work.

The Tom Ford film is a great combination of behind-the scenes footage from the launch of his own womenswear collection for S/S 2011, and Tom talking to camera about his experiences and what motivates him.

I loved Tom Ford's 'Studio 54' style collections for Gucci in the mid-90s, and I had the images on my bedroom wall as a student. Looking back, those images provided a much-needed dose of glamour to my room in student halls, in amongst the politics and history textbooks!

Sadly, the only Tom Ford item I own is the 'A Single Man' DVD, so it was interesting to hear him talk about why he wanted to make the film, which he describes as his "mid-life crisis on screen".

A number of items from his makeup and fragrance collection are on my wishlist, but until such time as they are on my dressing table, this documentary will have to provide me with my Tom Ford fix!

Here are some quotes from the film:

"Style is someone who figures out who they are; what works on them; what they feel good in, and develops that and their character. The outer expression of their character is what is style."

"You've got to figure out what you love in life. You've got to do what you love."

"If it's not fun, I'm not going to do it."


  1. More than happy to share. I now feel compelled to add some TF to my life. Tried the 'Violet Blonde' in Howell's today. Really like !xx

  2. I'm sure I'm developing a fixation for TF, I absolutely live by his last 2 quotes, a man after my own heart :) Jude xx @jadlgw



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