Wednesday, 14 December 2011

100 Follower Giveaway: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush & Waterbrush

 Typical. Just as I reach a Goggle Friend Connect milestone - reaching 100 followers - they decide to do away with it. Anyway, to celebrate reaching 100 followers I've decided to channel my inner Father Christmas, and do a little giveaway. The prize? Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in 'Pop' (a Limited Edition shade) . To help give the best possible application I am giving away a Daniel Sandler Waterbrush with the blush. I chose this as the prize as it has had some great reviews, (including from me!), and I know that a lot of people are keen to try it. You can check out my review here.

To enter, please leave your name and email address below, so that I can contact you if you are the winner. I am really interested to know how you access my posts, i.e. via Twitter links; on Bloglovin' etc, so it would be great if you could let me know in the comments box when you leave your details.

You will get an extra entry by tweeting: 'I entered @LouiseHartrey 's Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush & Waterbrush giveaway over at '

If you share the giveaway via  my blog's Facebook page then you will get another entry.

The giveaway closes at 11:59pm on 28th December 2011.

Good luck!


  1. Lovely giveaway, congratulations on 100 followers.
    I follow you on GFC as Jude
    I have tweeted as @jadlgw

    As I follow your blog your new posts show in my google reader.

    Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Love this giveaway, I follow you on GFC as Charlie.

    Your posts show in my blogger dashboard.


    charlie @ lady of the

  3. Oooh pretty colour :)

    I just started following you on Twitter, found you through @mialovesyellow on twitter

    Ruth :) kitti_688 @

  4. Follow you on GFC and twitter as yeenabdul.

    Name: Ayeen-Surnah Abdulcadir

  5. oh my goodness i've never even seen this before. it looks incredible, and im always on the hunt for the perfect blush! so here is my entrance to this beautiful little giveaway lou!! :) s.x x


  6. oh how did I miss this?! Huge congrats on 100 followers sweetness - did Wordpress remove the GFC widget? How annoying!

    Please include me I'd love to try Pop! I already have the brush though, so if I win maybe you could offer that to someone else?

    Nic xx

  7. Thanks for entering ladies. Good luck to you all.It's a lovely shade.

    Strawberry Blonde - That's really nice of you re. the brush. Will make a note. I'm not sure where my follower have disappeared. Will investigate asap!

  8. I follow you via gfc and twitter (@campbell_hayley)

    Lovely giveaway im desperate to try this blush! x

  9. Hello! I follow you on GFC, so I see your posts in my Google Reader, but also follow you on Twitter, which is where I saw you post about this! I'm just about to tweet too.

    Congrats on 100 followers! I've wanted to try this blush for ages, so please enter me :)

    Alice x

  10. Hi hun, wtg on reaching 100 still!! I always follow your blog updates through your Twitter statuses.
    What an amazing price!
    Love Mel xxx
    Twitter : 30somethingmel

  11. Amazing prize i have been itching to try this!!

    Congrats on reaching 100!

    I Follow you through


  12. Hi, I follow you on twitter and have shared the link on facebook.

  13. I follow you via all these:

    GFC: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

    Twitter: pearlmakeup

    Bloglovin': preciouspearlmakeup

    FB: Precious Pearl
    shared on FB:

  14. Great giveaway! Never tried Daniel Sandler blushes but I've heard good things about them.

    I found out about this on your Twitter feed and my e-mail address is: xx

  15. This looks lovely I'd love to be entered please :)

    I used to follow via GFC but am now following via Bloglovin' after I heard the dreadful news about GFC!

    I tweeted for an extra entry!/xXxStundonxXx/status/147047214378790912


  16. oooh shared and follow on gfc.
    gemmasouthgate at hotmail dot com

  17. Lovely giveaway! I usually read your blog posts through following on GFC! Shared the giveaway on FB x

  18. Unique give away!!!
    GFC Name - Sudhaa
    Email -
    Twitter Follower - Sudhaag17
    FAcebook Follower and shared on FB - Sudhaa Gopinath
    Tweeted give away -!/Sudhaag17/status/147399686364471296
    Bloglovin Follower - Sudhaa Gopinath & same email as above

  19. Hi,joining!

    I just see your blog right now and I'm impress it's kinda neat!lovely giveaway!Somany raves about this product!Love to try this!
    Liked your fb pages as Arra Morta
    Fb post:

    twitter shared Too:!/NakedArra/status/148287541223755777

    Arra Morta

  20. Camille Chan
    Twitter: camillacruella
    Facebook LIKED & SHARED

    found ur blog thru facebook!


  21. name: RiCalyn Sicad
    I saw your blogpost on one of my friends fb wall:)
    spread the love:

  22. Name: Crystal Lagman
    fb post link:
    tweet link:!/crystahal/status/148613200118677504
    followed you on twitter as @crystahal

  23. Congrats on 100 followers! keep it up! Cool giveaway!

    Following you on GFC (Joyluck), blog lovin' and twitter (joyluck_614),liked you on FB, also shared this link on facebook and twitter!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  24. Congratulations!
    I follow via GFC as jadey-lou15
    My email is
    I normally read via Google reader :)

  25. :) I follow you by google reader x

    I follow you on Twitter (you came up in my "similar"!)

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