Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Guest post: What's in your make-up bag?

My final guest blogger is the lovely Gemma. Gemma blogs at not one, but two different (but equally as great) websites: Fat Frocks and Where are my knees? In her guest post today, Gemma reveals the contents of her make-up bag for my readers:

I’m always curious what people have in their makeup bags. I’m pretty curious about what people are carrying around in general (I love those ‘what’s in my bag’ blog posts) but I really want to know what make up they use. I always want to know what products other ladies can’t live without. Is there an amazing mascara that you rave about to your friends? What about a concealer that makes those pesky blemishes disappear? True girlfriends don’t hold out on information like that. So, from my makeup bag to yours, here are my top three products I wouldn’t last a day without.

I’m a big fan of liquid liners: no pencil gives the same intense line that doesn’t smudge. Trouble is, it takes quite a bit of patience and skill to apply them. Thankfully Lancôme’s Artliner is idiot proof and anyone can instantly get that 50s flick. I love the sponge applicator which isn’t too long so you get a lot of control. I also love that Artliner is very black. I hate buying black eyeliner only to find it is a wishy washy grey colour once applied. The lady at the Lancôme counter told me that Marilyn Monroe wore Artliner which means I feel at least rather glamorous when I wear it. 

My next must have product is Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch Foundation which has a built in brush. The foundation gives great coverage and you get flawless application. I'm always rushing around getting ready for work in the morning and sometimes end up applying my make up on the train, the built in brush means I don't get into work with orange hands or patchy areas. You get a nice smooth and even application which I haven't had with any other foundations. How did I manage before I found this product?!

My third and final essential item is the Midnight Cowboy shade of Urban Decay lipstick.
I’m a sucker for fancy packaging and this lipstick doesn’t disappoint in that department but it’s also a great go-to lipstick for women who don’t usually wear lipstick. Midnight Cowboy is a great subtle and understated shade with a hint of sparkle and a little nude colour. It’s also super moisturizing and filled with vitamins and works well as a stand-alone shade or layered over other colours.

Have you ever tried any of these products? What are you make up bag essentials?

LouLou says: Thanks Gemma. Am loving the sound of everything you've mentioned so will definitely be making a few purchases (not like me I know!)



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