Sunday, 11 September 2011

Guest post: The Perfect Collection

Today's guest blogger is one of my fellow 'Cardiff Blogs' team members, the lovely Liz. Everyone I know who knows Liz always comments on her sense of style (in a very good way!), so she seemed the perfect choice to write a post for my blog while I am away. Although I am slightly disappointed that she didn't respond to my challenge to work her future husband a.k.a Prince Harry, into the post. The cocktails are on you Liz!:

Have you ever found a clothing range that you just absolutely love?  No, more than love. Adore?  A range that seems to encompass your very style, where every item of clothing is:
a) exactly what you’re looking for
b) beautiful
c) practical (by practical I mean you can justify it’s purchase
d) practically perfectly fitting in every way. 

Well, I’ve found it.  And my bank account hates me for it.

I discovered the Closet range at Dorothy Perkins (which stocks the range both online and in store). More recently I found it stocked on Fashion Union too. It's almost as if someone has come along and said, "What would Liz like?", and then proceeded to create every single flattering style of dress that I could ever imagine (you know, that thing you do where you create the perfect outfit in your head...or is that just me?)

Unfortunately (for my cash flow), there is nothing I don't like in this collection. Fortunately for you, however, I won't go into detail about every single item currently available, but I have highlighted a few that I particularly love, just to tempt you....

Blue Tab Gathered Dress, £40

This classic dress is a slightly updated version of one I own, which incidentally was the very first purchase I made from the Closet collection.  It’s simple, classic, a beautiful colour and it’s ideal for pretty much every occasion (I know this from my own extensive research). I’ve worn it to work, on a date, to a picnic, on a girls' night out and pretty much everything else in between. How you dress it for each occasion is up to you.  If you’re looking for an all rounder, you’ve found it.

My perfect cocktail dress a la ‘Sex and the City’.  Flattering in all the right places (for me anyway) and a great length to rock those heels and hit the dance floor.  The pleated skirt really makes this dress stand out; I don’t think it would have the same impact if it was anything other.  It comes with a cute waist clinching gold belt and the colour is gorgeous and although slightly summery, could take you into Autumn quite nicely.  Fabulous.

This is very much on my ‘want’ list.  Or to put it correctly, ‘want right now’.  A beautiful colour ready for the Autumn months, and once again, a perfect dress for work occasions, dates or if you just want to look distinctly glamourous on a Saturday shopping trip (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) Feminine and cut just above the knee, I think this is a style to suit most shapes.  One of those magic dresses which effortlessly enhances existing curves, yet somehow gives the appearance of that hourglass shape to those looking for a boost.  It is also very Mad Men-esque, which is, shall we say, in vogue right now.

This is a fun, flirty little dress, available in blue, white and burgundy as well as some patterned print versions too.  The grey and yellow contrast has to be my favourite though.  When Autumn/Winter rolls in, I like nothing more than to wear bright colours; no head to toe in black for me just because the sun has stopped shining! 

The length is a little shorter than I would usually go for, which limits its use, however, teamed with black tights, or knitted tights when the temperatures starts to drop, it can be made wearable for work.  A perfect example of a dress that is striking enough to wear alone, yet simple enough to accessorise to your heart’s content.

I know what you’re thinking.  How have you not discovered this collection before?  Ladies, you’re welcome.

LouLou says: Thanks Liz. Some lovely choices there which I think will be making their way into my closet very soon!


  1. that green cowl dress has my name written ALL over it :D

    Vonnie of



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