Friday, 23 September 2011

Guest Post: NOTD - Peridot Peacock

Guest blogging today is the lovely Cherry Sue, a beauty blogger from Dublin who I 'met' on Twitter . Her blog is called, 'CherrySue, Doin' the Do'. One of her specialities is her fantastic nail art, and she has written a brilliant post aboout how to create a really striking nail look. Over to you Cherry Sue:

I've been loving the new Chanel polishes, both Graphite and Peridot from the A/W range. Stuck by the green and navy duochrome in Peridot and the below snapshot, I decided on some Peacock Inspired nail art.
I like to keep things simple when it comes to my nail art ventures and to use a design that will happily adorn an accent nail while the rest boast just the base colour. I find that helps when a) you're short on time and b) you need a simple look that's office appropriate but also unique. 

This design can be made using any brand of polish so long as the colours are Gold, Teal and Navy. 

Start with 2 coats of Peridot.

Dab on several large teal spots, freehand is fine. 

Using a simple bobby pin, place navy dots inside the teal dabs.

Using the other side of the pin, place smaller teal dots inside the navy. 

The finished result

LouLou says: Great post. I love the colours in this design and will definitely be trying this out once I'm back from my holiday.


  1. It's gorgeous Sue, I love your nail art and you've lead me to a new blog so yay.

  2. It's gorgeous nail art isn't it. Welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy reading it in the future x



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