Monday, 19 September 2011

Guest Post : Being Subtle About Your Style

You'll remember last week that my friend Sarah styled a few outfits for me on Polyvore. Today's guest blogger is her other/better half (I'll leave them to decide which!) Tzevai. Tzevai has his own blog, "Dodgy Knees and Dirty Balls" where him and his friends rant and rave (his words, not mine!) about everything they love and hate in the world of sport. Here Tzevai gives us his take on male style:

From the birth of the metrosexual male (remember David Beckham's sarong?) to the rise of the hipster, the male grooming business is now booming and I swear there are more exquisitely preened men around than women.

When I tell my friends that I pay £25 to have my hair cut most of them stare at me in disbelief, choke on their brew or laugh their heads off – yet in 2011 I'm probably no longer in the minority. I've been in the salon having my haircut and my hairdresser (yes I have the same one all the time) has had to cut another guy's hair first because he was 'very particular' about how it was done so no-one else could do it. He even had to style it himself afterwards.

Now I like to look half decent when I go to work so I make a bit of effort with my hair, but some guys just take it to the extreme. If I had a penny for everytime I saw a guy walking past a window or mirror in a shop and stopping Johnny Bravo-esque to check themselves out I'd be retired by now.  I can just imagine them pouting 'Blue Steel' and saying 'Hey! I think I'm getting jealous...of myself!'

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with guys looking after themselves - I'm as appreciative of a good looking guy as I am of a beautiful woman - but some of these posers are starting to give us men a bad rep.

There's a fine line between confident swagger and arrogant posturing. Take Ryan Reynolds for example – good looking guy with a bit of swagger but he manages to stay likeable and charming (in the public eye at least). Now take a look at all the 'men' from those horrible 'reality' shows like Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex – delusional idiots who live in a bubble of self-obsession.

Sadly there seem to be more and more of the latter appearing with their low cut v-neck t-shirts showing off their tantastic orangeness and pouting with their 'guns' flexed. Not cool guys, not cool. You can make an effort with your appearance and keep yourself looking stylish but you don't have to let everyone know about it. Let them notice themselves, they've got eyes, they can see.

We all want to feel good when we're out and about and we've got as much right as women to spend some time making ourselves look good in the morning. Just don't overdo it. Understatement is always a winner and nobody wants to be a loser do they? Gentlemen – take note. Be a winner.
LouLou says: Thanks Tzevai. Great post and spot on. And of course thanks for the opportunity to Google photos of Ryan Reynolds. Honestly, the things I do for my blog!


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