Sunday, 5 June 2011

Butterfly Blog Award

I was delighted when I got a Tweet informing me that the lovely Nic from Strawberry Blonde blog had awarded me the Butterfly Blog Award. As a new blogger it is always great to find out that other bloggers are enjoying reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. I love the way that everyone in the blogging world is really supportive of each other, and it’s always interesting to see how different people approach their own blogs.

The idea behind the Butterfly Blog Award is to give it to blogs that you really enjoy. As one of the three recipients of the award (Super Gorgeous & Pretty Diamond Solitaire being the other lucky ladies) I’ve now got to share a random fact with my lovely readers and also nominate three other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy and to let them know. Whilst this sounds easy it has actually proven to be very difficult as there are so many blogs out there that I love. After lots of deliberation, which was almost as hard as choosing what my next Nars accquisition should be, I have finally come up with my list of three. Although a number of my favourite blogs are some of the more well-known ones (and those lovely ladies will definitely know who they are ) I decided to go for ones that I have more recently discovered, which I thought I’d share with you. You might already be following them, in which case I can only congratulate you on your great taste in blogs. If you’re not, then why not check them out and see if they’re your ‘beauty blog cup-of-tea’.
Anyway, back to the Butterfly Blog business in hand. Here’s my random fact:
I can speak English & Welsh and have learned French & Russian (to varying degrees!). I am going to Portofino in September so think it’s time to borrow ‘Teach Yourself Italian’ from the library.
Here are the blogs that I have decided to give the Butterfly Blog award to:
Vodka and Roses - This is a new blog written by Jessica Rose. I really like her writing style and I enjoy seeing a variety of different posts, from things she’s spotted on the High-Street to commenting on the latest fashion & beauty advertising campaigns
Makeup It Girl - This blog is written by the gorgeous Farrah who I have appointed my Official Nail Polish Guru! Her posts are a mix of fashion and beauty. Following the last Blogger meltdown she has started to trial shorter posts that are the length of a tweet, alongside the more usual length posts. It was thanks to Farrah that I came across Orly nail polishes (see my Happy Nails – Part I & Happy Nails – Part II posts) and I also discovered the fabulous Evol Heist jewellery via her blog.

Elsie & Clara - This blog is one of my most recent blog discoveries, although I can’t remember exactly where I came across it. Despite the name of the blog, it is actually written by Rachel, a 21 year old student. The blog is a mix of product reviews, ‘get the makeup look’ posts and Outfit of the Day posts. Rachel’s posts are always accompanied by great photographs too.
Have you checked out these blogs? Have you got any recommendations for other great blogs?


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