Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ciaté Paint Pot - Mistress

It's a fair cop. I will admit to a fling with a Mistress. Whilst I love my Orly dearly, I've been tempted away from my neon brights by Ciaté's Mistress, a coral toned red. Although I do paint my nails red quite a lot, the polishes I use tend to be darker shades of red, more blue toned than orange-toned. However when I saw Lisa Eldridge wearing this on her blog it caught my eye. In addition to loving the colour I was also keen to try it (purely in the name of blog research of course!) as I've never used Ciaté polishes, or should I say Paint Pots, before.

Ciaté was created by Charlotte Straughan, who owned her own salon, to meet the needs of both customers and professional nail technicians. The range has a number of collections: Festival Fever; Classics; Fashionista; Metallics; Nudes; Passionista; Pop and Pastels, with a colour to suit everyone.

Image: Ciaté

The polish usually retails at £9.00 but I found it for £4.50 (Buy it Now) on ebay, which was a bargain. I was really impressed with all aspects of this polish. The long-handled brush makes it easy to control the brush when applying the polish. The polish went on really smoothly and evenly and dried with a glossy finish.  Ciaté claim that their polishes are long-lasting and I can only agree. I think that this is one of the best polishes I've ever used in terms of staying chip-free. After 6 days it had no chips at all. I applied 2 coats of polish to ensure total uniform coverage. As the colour has a coral/orange tone I think it's the perfect red for Summer. Depending on the light it can look more orange, sometimes more red.

I love the Ciaté packaging, as with it's little ribbon and the long brush handle it has a definite vintage feel to it. I know you shouldn't base a buying decision on packaging alone but it definitely adds to the overall feeling you get when purchasing and using a product. I have been really impressed with this polish and will definitely be adding to my Ciaté collection very soon. If you'd like to try this polish you can get it from a number of online retailers including Beauty Bay .

So what's your favourite nail polish brand? I'm always keen to try out new products so I'd love to hear which nail polishes are impressing you right now.


  1. oooh this looks beautiful on you, a real classic xx

  2. Thanks!I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this. Just found out that there'll be s free Ciate polish with Marie Claire in August so will be trying that too!

  3. Love this polish! The one I have actually came from a Marie Claire issue a while ago. Was wondering where I could get them. Looks like I'll have to get the Marie Claire in Aug to. x

  4. Does this have a top coat on? Has a really lovely glossy finish.

    Thanks for the follow xxx

  5. No this hasn't got a topcoat on.First time I applied it I automatically put a topcoat on but then thought it would be better to show what the polish itself looks like.Really pleased with how glossy it is without a topcoat xx

  6. Looks gorgeous and really suits your skintone. Well done on getting it at a bargain price too! x

  7. Oh! I love it! This colour is hot hot hot at the moment! I wants it my precioussss! ;)

  8. *Zoe* - I have got some great beauty bargains on ebay recently.They might not always arrive in a nice box, but if I've saved some ££££ then I can put that towards my next purchase!

    Serafina - Thanks.Love this colour at the moment.Think it's a classic colour which is also really current - what's not to love?!

  9. Love this for my toes, got it when it was free with a magazine. Never chips! xx

  10. That looks sooooo pretty! I love the bottle. :) Your blog is cute!!

  11. Vintage Makeup - Thanks.Glad you like the blog :) x

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