Tuesday, 24 May 2011


On the weekend I paid a visit to my local branch of TK Maxx. I have found some great bargains in there recently, including a See by Chloe bright pink jumper for £34 instead of £210 and a Clements Ribeiro Portobello cotton cashmere sweater for £29.95 insead of £325. In days gone by I would have gone straight for the handbag section to see if I could find any designer gems hidden amongst some of the other less desirable bags. However, since my discovery of beauty blogs I now find myself going straight for the beauty section. Whilst I'm on the subject of handbags, am I the only person who if I was in a position to spend hundreds of pounds on a handbag would still want it to be displayed nicely, and not just left on a shelf for a load of people to mess about with? I am not sure that the shop floor (literally!) is the best place for a £995 (reduced price!) Versace bag.

Clements Ribeiro Portobello jumper
See by Chloe jumper

Due to the nature of the store you can never guarantee that you will find a particular brand, but I always find that it's worth taking a look, as lately I have found some great products on the shelves. In addition to high-street brands such as L'Oreal and Revlon, you can also find higher end brands such as Korner skincare. On my last visit I picked up a few brands that I had come across on beauty blogs (Margaret Dabbs & Leighton Denny) so will be trying them out and posting about them soon.

As a girl who loves her beauty products and her clothes I also love a bargain. After all, the more money saved, the more Nars products I can add to my collection! So have you got any particular places (online or instore) where you consistently go to to grab a bargain?


  1. Often went to TKMAXX at home for Revlon, haven't been in ages though and we have nothing like it out here which is annoying. www.strawberrynet.com is great for buying refills and so on at discounted rates but they never have new collections. I also love www.lookfantastic.com xx



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