Thursday, 28 April 2011

Musings of a makeup lover

The bunting is up. The champagne corks are popping. It must be to celebrate the Royal Wedding, right? No - it's to celebrate my first ever blog post! Whilst my blog will generally focus on all things beauty-related, I might also throw in some random musings on other things that catch my eye, or indeed things that shout "BUY ME! YOU NEED ME IN YOUR LIFE!". In fact the latter will definitely make it onto my blog!

Whilst I'm new to the world of blogging, I'm also relatively new to reading beauty blogs. Thankfully, signing up to Twitter soon put an end to my beauty blog ignorance, and I have discovered some lovely ladies and gents who are equally interested in the search for the perfect lipstick/blush/[insert favourite beauty product as applicable]. Although I've always loved my beauty products, inspired by the beauty bloggers of Twitter, I've decided to take a good look at the products on my dressing table (ok, in a chest of drawers, on bathroom shelves and in various under-bed storage boxes is the slightly less glamorous reality!), and take an even closer look at all the gorgeous products which are yet to make it into my make-up bag.

And whilst a friend at University once commented that my "specialist subjects on Mastermind should be history, entertainment and which nail polish shades are in this season", I won't just be blogging about nail polish. If I love it, I'll blog about it. And even if I don't love it, I'll still blog about it! There are far too many gorgeous products out there for us to waste our time and money on ones that don't make the grade. I'm not in the beauty industry and can't claim any professional knowledge, but I hope that you'll enjoy reading my posts from a fellow lover of all things beauty-related.


  1. Woo Hoo. Cant wait for all your future posts lovely. Always great to find new blogs and i know yours is going to be FAB xx

  2. Thanks lovely ladies. Am very excited. Think I might have to celebrate with a glass of bubbly and a new lipstick purchase! ;) xx



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